Web Skills Profiles

The Web Skills Profiles Working Group, founded in December 2006 by IWA Italy (the Italian chapter of IWA / HWG International Association of Web professionals recognized as standardization consortia by CEN), had the participation of over 200 professionals, representatives of companies and associations. Its mission is to define the  professional profiles for the Web, a project considered by Italian Government initiative as an innovation at the national level to be exported abroad.

On 14 February 2013, IWA Italy, the Italian chapter of IWA / HWG has officially released version 1.0 of the document containing 21 Web professional profiles and how using these, according to the CEN guidelines in the field of Generation 3 (G3) European ICT Profiles.

The 21 web skills profiles are as follows:

The document is intended to define the third generation European ICT professional profiles making them more affiliate for Web, based on the document “European ICT Professional Profiles (CWA 16458:2012)” and other related documents about ”E-Competence Framework 2.0 “(EC-F 2.0), extending them to the world through the international network of IWA / HWG. The document is intended to support the proper recognition of professionalism listed as “Web professional profiles” by the actors affecting the market in the field of ICT skills. In particular, they are addressed to:

  • ICT manager, offering models of organizational responsibilities, tasks, powers and controls between the different actors (ICT or not);
  • ICT professionals and managers, to define descriptions of the positions, individual training plans and development prospects;
  • Responsible for Human Resources (HR manager), planning for the skills needs;
  • manager of education and training, to plan and design effective ICT curricula;
  • students, for facilitating information and their professional orientation;
  • responsible for market research and strategy, to use a common language in order to provide for the needs of business and professional skills Web in a long-term perspective;
  • Manager of Purchasing Offices, providing common definitions for technical specifications effective in national and international competitions;
  • anyone else in need of a more recognized and accepted as part of the professional profiles for the Web to his profession, his company, his organization.