IWA Membership Agreement and Terms

  1. I subscribe to the aims and purposes and agree to abide by the Ethical Code of the International Webmasters Association.
  2. I hereby irrevocably waive any claim or right of action of law or in equity that I might have any time hereafter against the International Webmasters Association, its governing officers, committee members, or other officials, either as a group or as individuals for official act, including acts such as:
    1. Admitting or failing to admit me for Membership or Certified Membership.
    2. Disciplining me as a member for any reason whatever.
  3. It is agreed that any certificate, emblem, logo, or other evidence of my membership which may be issued to me shall remain the property of the International Webmasters Association and held by me in trust and will be returned to the Association upon demand if and when my standing as a member is terminated by myself or Association.
  4. It is agreed that the membership fee is non-refundable in full or by proration.