Internet Governance Forum 2015 Italy

October 7, 2015:

IWA Italy is among the promoters of the ‘ Internet Governance Forum in Italy in 2015 to be held Monday, October 12, 2015, in Rome, at the Hall of the Queen of the Chamber of Deputies in Piazza Montecitorio.

Promoted by the United Nations since 2006, the ‘Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a place of confrontation multistakeholder, declined globally, regionally and nationally, in which all stakeholders will discuss the issues related to Internet governance, ie the rules, procedures, infrastructure and programs which determine the functioning and evolution of the network. Aspects? technical, legal, economic and social? that governments, the private sector and civil society help shape and have an impact not only on the management of the Internet, but also on broader issues such as participation and democratic development. The seventh edition of IGF Italy will be held a few months before the United Nations decide how to respond to the process of the Internet Governance Forum which will end with the global event in Brazil in mid-November. Work in Brazil are focused on “Evolution of Internet Governance: Empowering Sustainable Development”. The objective of the national will be to define the contents of the Italian participation in the IGF following the global and open nature ‘multi-stakeholder’ which is proper to the IGF. The contribution of the Italian edition will identify and discuss issues that are taking on particular significance in the context of Internet governance in our country, involving stakeholders and fueling international debate with the analysis that will emerge during the conference.

Program committee: Laura Abba, Sergio Boccadutri, Concettina Cash, Arturo Di Corinto, Riccardo Luna, Anna Masera, Lorenzo Pupil, Stefano Rodotà (coordinator) and Stefano Trumpy.

Participation: Participation is open and free. You can intervene in the debates of each session, booking himself directly in the room. Interventions should not exceed three minutes, to allow everyone the time to intervene. Registration can be made ​​until all places are at:

Program : The program of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2015.

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