IWA: 15 years of Italian Web

June 23, 2015:

June 23, 2000, at the Venice Lido born IWA Italy, at the time International Webmasters Association. Twenty Italians decided it was time to have a partnership to enhance the skills of those working in the network, for networking among professionals.

IWA in Italy since 2000 organizes and participates in events and initiatives for the development of the network. We collaborate with leading Italian who value our work. Hundreds of events and initiatives and hundreds of presentations, make the most of IWA association in Italy for dissemination of digital culture, giving space to its members with the aim to involve them and make them grow professionally, networked together.

As home Italian we have a number of firsts, including support to the creation of both laws (remember all of the law Stanca, for the e-accessibility for people with disabilities) and technical standards (voluntary standardization UNI / CEN in the field of digital skills). We participate at the tables where we discuss seriously the future of the network, also intervening so strong thanks to the support of highly trained professionals.

Fifteen years are many, if we consider the promotion of digital initiatives that are born and die every day, or that last less than one term. IWA reached that solidity that makes it a reference point for Web professionals, including those not registered any case of benefiting from our actions.

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