Statement of Rights on the Internet published

July 28, 2015:

Today Bill of Rights on the Internet were approved and published

We would like to emphasize the content of the three paragraphs of Article 3 (Right to knowledge and education network):

3. Everyone has the right to be placed in a position to acquire and upgrade the skills necessary to use the Internet in an informed way for the exercise of their rights and their fundamental freedoms.

4. Public institutions shall encourage, in particular through the system of education and training, education conscious use of the Internet and intervene to remove all forms of cultural lag that precludes or limits the use of the Internet by persons .

5. Use of the Internet is a fundamental guarantee for the development of equal opportunity for individual and collective growth, the democratic balance of power differences on the Net between economic actors, institutions and citizens, the prevention of discrimination and risky behavior and of those harms the freedom of others.

Remember IWA Italy participated for the definition of the final text.

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