Tips for Growing Digital IWA Italy and Banda Ultrawide

December 6, 2014:

Tips for Growing Digital IWA Italy and Banda Ultrawide

On 4 December 2014, Roberto Scano and Pasquale Popolizio (president and vice president of IWA Italy) presented the suggestions of IWA Italy to the two documents in the public consultation of the Italian strategy for Ultra Wide Band and Digital Strategy for Growth, which are still open to the comments of all citizens up to 20 December 2014.

The meeting which was attended by key stakeholders was held at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers ; were present, among others, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Development Antonello Giacomelli , director of the Agency for AGID Italy Digital Alessandra Poggiani , the Deputy Secretary General and Head of the plans of the ultra-wideband Government Raffaele Tiscar , Councillor Innovation at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Paolo Barberis and the Chairman of the Standing Board for Innovation and the Digital Agenda, Paolo Coppola .

Specifically for Digital Growth, by IWA Italy it has proposed the creation of a repository of AGID competence profiles and digital cataloging in MEPA, according to the catalog of powers according to model and CF- e-Competence Framework. In this way the PA who wish to gain professional digital services could have an overview of specific offers, choosing professionals with common valuation parameters.

IWA Italy has also suggested an explicit reference to the standards UNI subject. In particular, the UNI 11506: 2013 and ‘ standardization activities in progress at UNINFO (which also participates AGID) for the profiling of digital competence.

For Ultra Wide Band, however, it was suggested to give more emphasis to the benefits that citizens and businesses have the availability? high bandwidth, with reference, for example, the development of the Internet of Things, to the possible improvement of activity? ecommerce and the possible growth of specialist ICT for the Web.

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