Wikipedians, new skills profile for the Web

December 31, 2014:

End of the year with a bang at home IWA with the publication of the 25th competence profile for the Web, the Wikipedians , a collaboration with the Wikimedia Italy .

Anyone can contribute, suggest new profiles and / or maintain those already published; just send the proposals to .

Roberto Scano, president of IWA Italy
This partnership with Wikimedia Italy further demonstrates that standardization of professional profiles initiated by IWA in patterns CEN is now the way forward for profiling digital skills. This is also demonstrated by the recent quotation of such profiles within the Guidelines for digital skills and certification activities according to UNI 11506 made ​​by other associations working in the field that are in the Web profiles coordinated by IWA an essential reference. Now to conclude the activities do not miss the national standards UNI: 2015 is the year when, finally, you have the technical standards for the definition of profiles for ICT (according to CEN CWA 16458), as well as industry standards required by law 4/2013. This means that finally those who perform professionally such activities will be able to take shape, to understand the requirements of competence, knowledge and professionalism required and – where applicable – to be certified with qualification recognized by law.

Pasquale Popolizio, coordinator of the Group Web Skills Profiles and vice president of IWA Italy Once again the politics of inclusion and sharing has paid off. The profile of Wikipedians, published thanks to the fundamental contribution of the Wikimedia Italy, is in addition to the 24 profiles already published with the help of more than 200 professionals, in representation of companies, associations, public administration. As coordinator of the Group Web Skills Profiles thank the professionals and the professionals of the Wikimedia Italy who worked on the profile and invite those who, in other associations, companies or PA, or freelancers, who wants to participate, suggest and implement other skills profiles for the web writing in .

Simone Cortesi, vice president of WikiMedia Italy
The publication of the profile Wikipedians is very interesting, as, for example, the growing interest of the museums to be found on Wikipedia , which is in addition to the desired publication in a free form of the contents of museums themselves. The Wikipedians can and must support not only museums but also such companies, institutions, such as parks, which have stock photos and they can post their pictures and other content with open licenses.

Luke Corsato
I like to stress that I could collaborate in writing and definition of the profile as part of the project WikiVEZ VEZ the Library of the City of Venice with the support of the manager Michele Casarin.

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